About Us

You want jewelry that inspires your spirit, nourishes your soul, and shows your individuality.  You crave pieces that are unique and eclectic with craftsmanship that is high quality.  You want the ease of your jewelry to show how confident you are while still showing your free spirit nature.

I love that I'm able to offer you all of those qualities and more with my inspired jewelry featuring up cycled dominoes and scrabble tiles.  Through this fun material, I'm able to design interesting and definitely out-of-the-box necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

About Us

Pam Millershaski - Owner/Designer

WiReD Boutique was born in 2003, and named after a play on the first initials of my three son's names; W, R and D.

A Little About Me:

  • I painted art in high school using watercolors and oil.
  • I worked for 11 years as a legal assistant in a law firm.
  • After that, I was an elementary teacher and teacher-intern mentor for 10 years.  We fit art education into our studies even though it wasn't part of our curriculum.
  • I have a Master's degree in Education.
  • As an Air Force brat, I spent my growing up years everywhere; however, now I call Kansas my home.
  • I absolutely love to travel.  I'll go anywhere, but my heart still resides in the Southern United States.
  • I'm totally, completely obsessed with Instagram.  Let's connect there!
  • Okay, I'm also ecstatically obsessed with long-distance bicycling!

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